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Terms and conditions

Redefined Rebel
Legal name of the business: Wear Group A/S
Vernacular name of the business: Redefined Rebel
Corporate form: Aps

CVR number: 35818065
Year of establishment: 2013
Address: Papirfabrikken 32
8600 Silkeborg
Official email address: support@redefinedrebel.com
Official web address: www.redefinedrebel.com

Personal information policy

Cookies are not used. The information registered is kept for five years. The information is encrypted and is transmitted to and from the business in encrypted format. 

Log statistics:

www.redefinedrebel.com uses log statistics, which means that a statistics system gathers information, which may provide a statistical image of the number of visitors to a website, their origin and the last page visited on the website, etc. 
www.redefinedrebel.com uses log statistics with the purpose of optimising the website and its functions. Moreover,

The information in the log statistics is tied to the customers and users visiting the website if the user provides its name, addresses and other information relating to a purchase at the website or if a user profile is set up.

Log statistics are moreover used for: Personalising user marketing, increasing user friendliness. 
For you to enter into an agreement with us through the website, you must register the following personal information: Name, Address, Telephone number, Email address.
Personal information is registered and stored by Redefinedrebel.com

We register your personal information with the purpose of delivering the order to you. When personal information is gathered through our website, we ensure that this always happens with your express consent, so that you are kept informed of precisely which information is gathered and the purpose of this. 

Personal information registered is encrypted. This is done in the following manner: All personal information is encrypted by Redefined Rebel. 

Personal information registered is encrypted when transmitted. This is done in the following manner: contact Redefined Rebel for information. www.redefinedrebel.com

The information is not shared with any third parties.

No sensitive personal information is registered.

As an individual registered with redefinedrebel.com, you always retain the right to object to the registration 

and you retain the right to disclosure of the information registered. These are your rights pursuant to the Danish Act on the Processing of Personal Data and any enquiries in this respect should be directed at Redefined Rebel by email to: support@redefinedrebel.com.

The terms of business set out below apply to all orders supplied by Redefined Rebel.

The terms and conditions apply to any instances in which alternative written agreements have not been entered into by you, the customer, and redefinedrebel.com.

Documentation and guidance:
If the item is accompanied by a product description and directions for use, these will accompany the order supplied by redefinedrebel.com 

If you seek further information or advice from redefinedrebel.com, this shall be deemed to be only guidance. 

Time of delivery and transport:

Any order shipped by redefinedrebel.com shall be deemed to have been delivered when the customer is in receipt of the shipment. Orders are shipped by GLS. Time of delivery is 1 to 3 days. Orders placed before 14.00 hours are shipped on the same day. Note, however, that longer times of delivery may occur on delays on the part of the supplier or during sales.

The risk relating to purchases from redefinedrebel.com is transferred to you, the customer, at the time of delivery. Notice must be given within a reasonable time of your becoming aware of any complaints or any flaws and deficiencies on deliveries from redefinedrebel.com. You are obliged to explain and, when requested, to indicate the nature of the flaw or deficiency. If you become aware of a flaw, you must contact redefinedrebel.com without delay.

Basically, you may complain only about flaws, which become apparent within two years of delivery of the order. Your entitlement to complain over items with a limited durability is restricted to the expected product durability of the item promised by redefinedrebel.com.

If you do not agree with our decision on a complaint, you may contact the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Denmark. You may also find the contact information at www.forbrug.dk. 

You may also contact the European Consumer Centre Denmark at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. 


You may order your purchases online and pay with Visa/Dankort, MasterCard, PayPal. All prices stated at redefinedrebel.com include Danish VAT.

Cooling-off period:
Redefinedrebel.com provides you with a 14-day cooling-off period from receipt of delivery. You must pay for the return postage. Returns are sent to: Webcollective, Merkurvej 7, 7430 Ikast, Denmark.

NOTE! Return the item directly to the following address: Webcollective, Merkurvej 7, 7430 Ikast, Denmark. Moreover, the returned item(s) must not show signs of wear, staining or damage. Nor must returned items be tainted with extraneous smells of e.g. perfume or smoke.

Sales to customers outside Denmark:

Redefinedrebel.com shall not be liable for any customs or other duties, which may be imposed on goods purchased from and shipped by

redefinedrebel.com. Any such customs or other duties must be paid by the customer / recipient.
Out-of-stock items:
If you have had your eye on an item which, unfortunately, has been sold out in the meantime, or if you are interested in finding out whether we have or will have a specific item in stock again, you are always welcome to contact us at support@redefinedrebel.com.
Pricing errors, misprints and out-of-stock items:
When you make a purchase from redefinedrebel.com, your order is only accepted and approved on receipt of payment and on the item(s) being shipped from our physical stock room. We reserve our position in relation to any pricing errors, misprints and out-of-stock items. In such instances, we will contact you.
Trueness of colour:
As the colours shown on the web shop depend on your computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that the colour shown on your monitor reflect the actual colour of the item on delivery. However, we endeavour to clearly show the colour, design and material of each item.
When you opt to receive our newsletter, we register your email address. Your email address is not shared with any third parties. 
Redefinedrebel.com complies with all guidance and legislation required by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Returns are made to Redefinedrebel.com in the following way:

1. The item is returned directly to Redefined Rebel, Att: Webcollective, Merkurvej 7, 7430 Ikast, Denmark.

2. Print return form here
*If you want to exchange and item, please state this in the “comments" section. If the item wanted is out of stock, the sum will be automatically refunded.
We process all returns within 1 to 3 days.

NOTE! return the item directly to our address stated.

Moreover, the returned item(s) must not show signs of wear, staining or damage. Nor must returned items be tainted with extraneous smells of e.g. perfume or smoke.