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Redefined Rebel dates back to 2013. Since day one our main focus has been to provide you with the best "trending" products on the market. We set an honour in finding the latest trends on the catwalks, spotting what is about to trend in the streets – and immediately design and produce a style with the right look, touch 'n' feel at the best price.

Redefined Rebel is a familydriven fashion brand, located in Silkeborg, Denmark. Our brand and our company in general, is build on love to a product, where quality is our highest priority. We believe and work hard to prove that high quality isn't necessarily equal to high price.

Our company is build on a small network with close relations to our partners and suppliers and we have cut away all the unnecessary middlemen in the supply chain. All materials are bought express and our products will therefore be available in only a few weeks after the idea left the designers desk. This simple setup gives us the opportunity to be among the first movers on the new trends and to give you a very high quality to a reasonable price.

Our aim is to show you how you are able to buy directly from the factory and show you the advantages it gives when it comes to price and quality.

We give you the highest quality to the lowest prices.